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Newsletter 2020 July #5

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The Key Cyber Security Challenges

As the number, range and sophistication of security threats grow, every organisation needs to arm itself with the most intelligent and advanced tools possible and must seriously engage with rigorous and effective cyber security training. read more


Some Hackers Earn $2m A Year

In Britain, cyber crime and online fraud are now the most common criminal offences, accounting for almost 50% of all  crime. That's because it's low risk and pays very well. read more


The Vital Necessity Of Cloud Computing Highlights Security Risks

Orca Security's research finds that public cloud environments are rife with neglected workloads, authentication issues, lateral movement and numerous other risks. read more


Problems With Using Big Data For Policing

Algorithmic Law Enforcement: Police across the world are starting to use Big Data to help them to predict crime and analyse criminal methods. It's turning out to be complex and prone to error. read more


Russian Ransomware Group Hacked US News Company

WastedLocker: The Russian based group Evil Corp, known for the Dridex banking trojan and other malware, was able to hack into dozens of US newspaper websites. read more


Home Working Cyber Security Toolkit

Home working staff can test the strength of their defences against online threats in a new roleplay exercise devised by Britain's National Cyber Security Centre. read more


Transforming Threat Detection With Machine Learning

Machine Learning can radically shift the advantage towards defenders by significantly improving cyber threat detection in real time. read more


Critical Infrastructure And Cyber Security

Cyber security is a top priority for both power system operators and governments. Now, Siemens is joining with NATO to improve network defenses. read more


US National Cyber Defense Policy

The US Government will spend an historic $740 billion on its cyber defenses next year in an attempt at co-ordinating public and private responses to threats for the first time. read more


Digital Know-How For Better Cyber Security

Digital technology is moving faster and faster. Businesses are under pressure to keep up like never before. Here are 5 recommendations for better commercial cyber security. read more


Cyber Crime Has Cost UK Businesses £87billion

Cyber crime in Britain has doubled in the last five years, costing businesses £87billion with a quarter of all companies being affected. read more

Google Doubles Down On India

A $10 billion investment focused on enabling affordable access to the Internet and to information for every Indian in their own language. read more


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