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Newsletter 2020 October #4

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Lockdown: Half Of Organisations Are Having Cyber Security Problems

Since Lockdown the nature of work has changed significantly and in future businesses must choose whether work will be remote, in offices or a combination of both. read more


Is Big Tech Fixing The US Election?

In a crucial US election year, the role of the major social media platforms in deciding what the public should and should not know is being questioned. read more


AI Can Help Fight Coronavirus Cyber Crime

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help to solve a wide range of cyber security problems caused by the Coronavirus crisis. read more


The Emerging Domain Of Cyber War

Future wars will see hackers using computer code to attack an enemy's infrastructure, fighting alongside troops using conventional weapons. read more


Social Media Has Gone Global

Social Media is much more than just three big platforms and right now nearly two-thirds of the world’s ‘eligible’ population use social media. read more


Social Media: An Exclusive 3 Part Review

With more than 3.5 billion users, social media is now a preferred medium for businesses to reach out to their target audience.Take A Closer Lookread more


Artificial Intelligence: Threats & Opportunities

AI is a potentially revolutionary technology with a transformative impact on economic activity, but with some negative effects for both jobs and democracy. read more


IBM Restructures To Concentrate On The Cloud

The battle to dominate cloud computing services is growing as IBM reorganises its business in pursuit of Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure. read more


British Airways Breach

Investigation of a disastrous breach of BA customers' personal data in 2018 shows it went undetected for 2 months and took just 90 minutes to fix. read more


Protecting The Security Of Australian Universities

Following a wave of damaging cyber attacks, Australia is getting serious about strengthening its defences with a focus on higher education centres. read more


UN Maritime Shipping Agency Knocked Offline

The UN international maritime shipping agency had a critical database and other services went offline in a suspected ransom attack. read more


Iranian Government Agencies Hacked

At least two Iranian government agencies have fallen under large scale and unattributed cyber-attacks. Who would do that? read more

Russia Accused Of Cyber Attack On Norway

Norway blames Russian agents for a cyber attack on its Parliament, saying the hacking of MPs email is a blow against democratic institutions. read more

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