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Newsletter 2021 June #4

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Negotiating Ransom: To Pay Or Not?

The factors to consider when responding to a ransom demand include the readiness of your backup network and data, your insurance cover and, not least, the reaction of your customers. read more


DarkSide May Not Stay Dark For Long

The DarkSide hackers allegedly disbanded after carrying out the Colonial Pipeline ransom attack, but they could come back soon under a different name. read more


Cyber Attacks Are The New Cold War

President Biden has had a meeting with President Putin to talk about cyber security and how the modern-day cold war is all about state-sponsored cyber attacks. read more


NATO Warns Of Military Response To Cyber Attacks

Moscow’s “pattern of aggressive actions” remains a “great concern” to the NATO alliance, which has repeated a commitment to collective retaliation. read more


Airline Supply Chain Attacks Carried Out By Chinese Hackers

The attack on aviation supply chain company SITA was widespread and has had an impact on multiple passenger airlines, some as yet unidentified. read more


Cyber Security In The Crypto World

The untraceable nature of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, along with Blockchain flaws, means that for hackers & scammers, it is an ideal target. read more


Remote Working & Cyber Security

Remote working has become a normal practice but also has challenges, which are best overcome with effective security policies and the right training. read more


US Legislators Take Aim At Big Tech Companies

Antitrust Reform: US lawmakers have introduced five separate bills aimed at limiting the power held by the five 'Big Tech' companies. read more


Global Police Operation Closes Fake Pharma Websites

A global policing operation has led to the closure of over 100,000 websites and online marketplaces selling fake pharmaceuticals worth over $23m. read more


Drones Killing Without Human Control

Turkish built autonomous drones with an explosive charge are now reported working without human control as battlefield killers in Libya. read more


A  Quick Guide To Business Cyber Security

Whether you run a large complex organisation or a small startup, cyber crime has reached record levels and the threat of an attack is very real. read more


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