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Newsletter 2022 January #4

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Making Open-Source Software Safer

Open-source software has unique security challenges, because of its widespread use and the fact its security maintenance is reliant  on volunteers. read more


NATO & Ukraine Agree Deeper Cyber Co-operation

The new agreement gives Ukraine access to NATO’s malware information sharing platform and help to identify Ukrainian cyber security training needs. read more


The Next 9/11 Will Be A Cyber Attack

As tension in Ukraine grows, some security experts are saying that a cyber attack of devastating proportions is not a matter of if, but when. read more


Is Cyber Training Fit For Purpose?

Tick A Box: Just telling your people to use stronger passwords, look out for suspicious links and check emails from new contacts isn't enough. read more


SAAS Malware Used To Attack Crypto Wallets

Cheap and easy-to-use malware available on Dark Web markets means that it has never been easier for cyber criminals to steal crypto currencies. read more


Auto-Redirects: A Harmful Detour

Auto-redirects are a problem that many web users don't know about and are associated with a loss of privacy, malvertising, malware and more. read more


Red Cross Hacked - Half A Million Victims At Risk

Hackers targeted an external server company that stores names, locations & contact information gathered from 60 Red Cross societies worldwide. read more


Defending Against Log4j Vulnerabilities

Concealed Log4j vulnerabilities call for effective measures to reduce the frequency of disruptive events and to reduce the potential damage. read more  


Chinese APT Hackers Used Log4Shell Exploit To Target Academic Institution

Specific steps that you can take to ensure your security online & avoid tangling with hacker groups exploiting Log4j security flaws. By Ulrike Niemann read more


How To Secure Web Gateway & Web Filtering

A secure web gateway offers protection against online security threats by enforcing company security policies & filtering malicious traffic in real-time. read more


Online Daters Must Protect Themselves Against Fraud

Looking For Love: Online Dating has caused heartbreak for many, with over £90 million having been stolen through fraud and deception last year. read more

Top Tips For SMEs To Dodge Hackers

Small business owners and their employees often lack basic training in cyber security measures and make risky mistakes that could cost them. read more

Ransomware Attack On Moncler

Italian luxury brand Moncler refused to pay ransom when its order processing system was disabled, resulting in a vengeful dump of employee data. read more

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