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Newsletter 2022 June #5

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Fixing The Cyber Security Workforce Gap

Recruiting entry level & junior staff and investing in their professional development results in more resilient, sustainable cyber security teams. read more


Putin's Speech Is Delayed By A DDoS Attack

President Putin launched a tirade against Western Governments after his conference speech was delayed by an hour due to a cyber attack. read more


Russia Escalates Spying On Ukraine’s Allies

Russian state-backed hackers have been identified as conducting espionage against 128 organisations in 42 countries allied to Ukraine since the war began. read more


US Bank Loses Critical Data Of Over A Million Customers - Again

Flagstar Bank has disclosed a second major data breach where criminals got access to the  personal information of 1.5 million customers. read more


The Human Brain Changes With Digital Technology & Implants

Research on the brain-health consequences of digital technology is showing how devices & software can both help and harm brain function. read more


Preventing Exploitation Of Digital Images Of Children

Digital Fingerprints: Child abuse images online are a daunting challenge for practitioners working in the field of child sexual abuse - new tracking technology might help. read more


Murder Enabled By Social Media

Instagram & Snapchat: British schoolchildren who lured a 13-year-old to a park where he was stabbed to death were motivated by images on social media. read more


Ransom: Prepare For The Worst

No sector is safe from ransomware and attacks are getting more sophisticated. How can you protect your business? By Simon Eyre read more


Edge AI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence & Edge Computing

Forward-thinking companies and cloud providers see new opportunities in the integration of edge computing and AI. By Helen Wilson read more

Data Breaches & Identity Theft: Is Your Online Classroom Secure?

Bugs, Viruses & Identity: Three common security problems in the online classroom and the remedial  measures to deal with them. By Diane Wong read more

Cyber Security Tools For Your Small Business

Hackers love targeting small businesses and prioritising investment in cyber security tools can reduce your business' vulnerability and save valuable resources. read more

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