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Newsletter 2022 March #3

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Cyber Innovation And Industry 4.0

The world is changing technologically faster than ever before, creating new industries, changing existing ones and transforming how things work. read more


The Limits Of Social Media 'Soft Power'

Hard Power Versus Soft Power: Social media platforms can - and in the case of Ukraine - have turned social media into soft power. But it has its limits. By Ronald Marks read more


Twitter Joins Ukraine’s War Effort

Twitter has been a powerful weapon in many conflicts, used  to spread propaganda & fake news. Now, it has picked a side and will defend Ukraine. read more


A Cyber Attack On NATO Could Trigger Article 5

In the era of 'hybrid warfare' will NATO respond to a cyber attack on a member state in the same way as it would to an armed miiltary attack? read more


Israeli Government Websites Knocked Offline

State Of Emergency: Israeli government websites were taken offline in one of the largest cyber attacks ever launched against the country. read more


Zero Trust In The Boardroom

Cyber Security Is A Top Priority For Business Leaders: There are very good reasons why CEOs need to have Zero Trust at the front of their minds. By Rajesh Khazanchi read more


Hacker Behind Kaseya Ransomware Attack Extradited

An alleged key member of the REvil ransomware group, responsible for the Kaseya hack, has been extradited to the US to face charges. read more


Google Buys Mandiant For $5.4bn

Mandiant's highly skilled workforce of cyber security experts will be folded into Google Cloud to create an “end-to-end security operations suite.” read more


The Lessons Learned From Log4j

Open Source Software Has Its Drawbacks: When threats arise, some software support is more responsive than others. By Timothy Boles read more


AI Is The Future Of Defensive Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence can help reduce costs, improve threat response times and respond to breaches, regardless of the  specific circumstances in which it is used. read more


New Tools To Detect Cyber Attacks

Automated monitoring of fluctuations in energy consumption across networks can help detect and protect critical IT infrastructure from hackers. read more


The US Military Want 5G Fast

Military communications need the rapid  transfer of large quantities of data that 5G technology enables, combined with high levels of security & resilience. read more

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