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Newsletter 2022 March #4

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US Moves Cyber Defences To High Alert

Americans should ‘lock their digital doors’ to prepare for a Russian cyber attack as federal agencies and busineses are urged to remain vigilant. read more


The App At The Frontline Of Information Warfare

Telegram enables Russian citizens to access first-hand information, news & video from war scenes in Ukraine, that run counter to Russian propaganda. read more


Ukraine's 'IT Army' Risks Being Hijacked By Malware

A malware campaign is exploiting people's willingness to support Ukraine against Russian invasion to infect them with malicious Trojans. read more


Georgia Must Bolster Its Resilience To Information Warfare

The invasion of Ukraine has important lessons for the ex- soviet republic of Georgia, which now urgently needs to tackle Russian disinformation. read more


Trends In Application Connectivity & Network Management

Best Practice: There is a pressing need to focus on the risk inherent in applications when dealing with network security. By Avishai Wool read more


Using Social Media To Track The Pandemic

Using historic data to predict future behaviour is very problematic, not least because humans, like the coronavirus, are capable of mutation. read more


How To Improve Cyber Security Visibility & Control

Your cyber security strategy needs the right tools & services in place, integrated with effective employee education & testing. By Leyton Jefferies read more


Convergence & Digitalisation Create Problems For Energy Utilities

The convergence of previously separate sectors around renewable smart grids is eroding control over energy cyber security. By Steven O’Sullivan read more


In Britain 'Cyberflashing’ Is Now A Crime

Sending unsolicited sexual images via social media, dating apps, as well as data sharing tools like Bluetooth and Airdrop, will get perpetrators two years in jail. read more


What Goes On In The Dark Web?

Going Dark: The Dark Web is that part of the Internet that can only be accessed by those in the know, using specific software and configurations to get access. read more


Facebook Allows Calls for Violence Against Russians

Extreme: Facebook and Instagram will allow users to call for violence against Vladimir Putin and Russian soldiers over Ukraine’s invasion. read more

Employees Blame Their Employer For Data Theft

Stolen Personal Data: A sophisticated cyber attack at a Mercedes dealership has prompted the affected staff to take legal action against their employer. read more

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