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Newsletter 2022 October #3

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A Mysterious New Hacking Group With Highly Professional Skills

Metador: An unknown new threat group has left researchers baffled about who may be behind their campaign and where they may be operating. read more


The Dangers Of Inadequate Data Disposal

Delete: Failure to properly dispose of redundant IT equipment can lead to data breaches, violate data protection laws and risk financial fraud. read more


Legacy Technology is Undermining How Business Responds To Ransomware

Obsolete: Half of UK organisations surveyed depend on outdated, legacy backup and recovery infrastructure to manage & protect their data.  read more


Russia’s Cyber Strategy Becomes Focused On Conflict

Russia has entered a more contested phase of cyber geopolitics, where the great cyber powers are adopting a much more aggressive approach. read more


Developing Nations Face The Biggest Cyber Security Challenges

Digital Connectivity: The openness of the Internet requires all nations to have effective cyber security policies in order to achieve a safe and secure Internet. read more


Microsoft Teams Vulnerable To GIFShell Attacks

GIFShell: A new attack technique allows threat actors to exploit Microsoft Teams for phishing attacks and remote data theft using image files. read more


Spell-Checking In Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge Browsers Leak Passwords

Spell-jacking: A security flaw in browsers can expose corporate users' Login ID credentials to internal assets like databases & cloud infrastructure. read more


Making Cyber Attack Detection Easier With Artificial Intelligence

New AI software tools enable collection of electricity usage data from network devices to detect fluctuations and swiftly identify and stop attacks. read more


Security Recommendations Tailored To Your Business

Byos Network Security Maturity Assessment: A free tool that enables companies to rapidly evaluate the strength of their cyber security strategy. read more

CYRIN Launches New Docker Lab

Docker Lab: CYRIN and the Rochester Institute of Technology have launched a powerful new containerised virtualisation training tool. read more

Security Patching As A Service

Aunalytics launches its innovative Security Patching Platform, Co-managed Patching As A Service, to complement their Advanced Security solution suite. read more

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