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Newsletter 2023 April #2

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China Mandates Security Reviews For AI Services Like Chat

GPTAI Generated Content: China has published new regulations that require a security review of generative AI services before they can operate. read more


The New Dawn In AI Has A Dark Side

What ChatGPT Means For Cyber Security: Reliance on a machine means we never know if we are being given the correct answers. By Rachael Greaves read more


Law Enforcement Agencies Shut Down Genesis Market

Operation Cookie Monster: One of the largest criminal marketplaces used by online fraudsters has been closed down in an international law enforcement action. read more


President Biden Forbids Spyware From Government Use

US President Joe Biden has approved an Executive Order that bans US government use of the type of commercial spyware used by foreign states. read more


Britain's National Cyber Force Reveals Its Operating Doctrine

Offensive Hacking: The NCF carries out daily cyber operations to protect against national threats. support military operations & prevent serious crime. read more


Phishing Kits: The New Frontier For Hackers

Phishing As A Service: It is no longer the case that a potential cyber criminal needs to have a real technical skillset to launch a phishing attack. read more


Increasing Cyber Attacks On Critical Infrastructure

Cyber attacks can have major real-world consequences and several recent 'near miss' incidents show just how disruptive the impact can be. read more


Maritime Technologies Are Transforming The Shipping Industry

The maritime industry is being transformed by digitalisation, AI, remote connectivity and autonomous ships - with consequences for cyber security. read more


Criminal Records Office Hit By A "Cyber Incident”

Britain's Criminal Records Office has suffered a two-month long cyber security “incident” resulting in a backlog of visa applications awaiting clearance. read more


Immutable Storage Is The One Solution That Will Keep Your Data Safe

Immutable data storage ensures data security and integrity in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments in several ways. By Florian Malecki read more


The Skills Gap Is Increasing Risk & Exposure To Attack

The effects of the skills shortage are apparent, as organisations struggle to recruit sufficient talent & maintain security levels. By Jamal Elmellas read more

How Does IT Impact The Manufacturing Industry? 

IT tools like firewalls, intrusion detection systems & encryption technologies are essential to secure manufacturing operations from cyber threats. read more

It’s Convenient To Be Suspicious - The Human Aspect

When 21% of breaches occur because of human error, how do CIOs encourage employees to care about security? By Travis Everett read more

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