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Newsletter 2023 September #1

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Generative AI Could Replace The Internet

Transformational Technology: Generative AI is quickly becoming much more sophisticated and is poised to unleash the next wave of productivity. read more


LockBit Hacked British Military Data

Details are emerging about how LockBit got access to top secret military data via a metal fence manufacturer running 20-year-old software. read more


Establishing A Digital Immune System

Creating The Self-Healing Enterprise With DIS: Why immunity should be your new favourite cyber security metaphor. By Matt Tuson read more


How To Check If A Link Is Safe

Malicious Links - A Step-by-Step Guide: Everyone connected to the Internet needs to learn how to test links for viruses and other hidden dangers. read more


Navigating User Experience, Performance & Security

Striking The Right Balance: Are a great user experience and stringent security protocols compatible with a well-performing website? By Gav Winter read more


Internet of Medical Things: Hospital Cyber Security Risks

Healthcare Faces Unique Cyber Security Challenges: A new report highlights the complexity and costs of IoT in the medical sector. read more


Hackers Target Satellites

Timing Systems, GPS & Communications: Orbital satellites keep the world running smoothly, but have just the same vulnerability as ground facilities. read more


Seiko Attacked By BlackCat

The Seiko electronics company has been hacked by the BlackCat cyber crime group, who have published stolen data as an extortion threat. read more


Why Are WhatsApp Users So Easy To Scam?

Scammers are constantly and relentlessly targeting WhatsApp: Seven steps you can take to keep yourself safe. By François Rodriguez read more


Hackers Hit  British Defence Ministry

Supply Chain Hack: Top secret security information on British military & intelligence sites has been leaked by hackers linked to Russia. read more

Empower Your DaaS Programs

Classroom Security: Managed cybersecurity service features like Device-as-a-Service can provide a competitive edge for schools. By Nadav Avni read more

Beware Cyber Security Burnout

Burnout Syndrome Is Real: Stop this happening to your cyber security team by automating and consolidating technologies. By Diana Harter read more

Duolingo Leaks The Data Of 2.6 Million Users

Personal Data Scraped From An Exposed API: One of the largest online language learning sites in the world has fallen victim to a data breach. read more

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