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Newsletter August #4 2015

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Investors Pour $Billions in to Cybersecurity

Venture capital firms & corporate investors have put a record amount of money in to cybersecurity companies over the past year.  read more


Cyber Insecurity: Going Dark

US technology companies are shielding more data from the U.S. government. Does this now  make it much harder to track terrorists?  read more


Legal Issues Of Cyber War Are Big and Complex

What does it take to trigger self-defense in cyberspace, and what does it mean for a nation-state to have 'effective control' of a hacker?  read more


When Your White Hat Is Really a Black Hat

Can you really trust all the people working for your company (including hired contractors) to protect your most sensitive data?  read more


Fraudsters Steal $46.7m From Ubiquiti Networks

Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) scam: The incident involved employee impersonation and fraudulent requests from an outside entity.  read more


Ad Block Software 'Costs Firms £14bn A Year'

The economic impact of ad blocking is real and measurable.  read more


Bitdefender Suffers Data Breach, Customer Records Stolen

Bitdefender has become the latest cybersecurity firm to be targeted by hackers.  read more


Cyber Attacks on the Power Grid

The protection of critical infrastructure like a power grid is an essential part of the cyber defense strategy of any Government.  read more


Defusing The Internet Of Things Time Bomb

The enormous imminent growth of  IoT offerings presents a unique challenge because of the balance between functionality and connectivity.  read more


US Spies on EU Companies

NSA Unchained Abroad: Espionage on European governments and enterprises gives the U.S. many advantages in its strategic orientation. read more


Hacker Cracks Satellite Communications Network

The Globalstar satellite network uplink was hacked using a simple software-defined radio system & parts costing less than $1,000.  read more


How Uber Could Help Change Spycraft

Social media is an indicator of developments that the intelligence apparatus would never previously have had access to.  read more


Japan: Court Rules Against Bitcoin Compensation

Tokyo Court rules that the virtual currency Bitcoin is "not subject to ownership".  read more

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