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Newsletter October #1 2016

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Drone-Visuality: The Psychology Of Killing

The drone camera, and the technological nexus it is situated within, enables killing to become a networked phenomenon. That does not mean the operator is immune. read more


Apple Will Share Your iMessages With The Police

Apple promises that your iMessage conversations are safe and out of reach from anyone other than you and your friends. Really? read more


UK's New National Cyber Security Centre

Britain's war against the soaring number of cyber-attacks is to be led from a brand new HQ in the centre of London opened this week. read more


Cybersecurity Start-Ups Working With GCHQ

The UK's top security startups are invited to work with GCHQ in an effort to help protect against  hackers and cyber attackers. read more


More Questions About The Yahoo Breach

Pressure is mounting on Yahoo to admit when it knew about the attack and whether there was a delay in reporting it. read more


The Dilemma Of Predictive Policing

How Police authorities respond to information gathered using computer modeling is at least as important as the predictions themselves. read more


An Historic AI Partnership

The world's largest technology companies hold the keys to some of the largest databases on our planet. Is that really healthy for society? read more


What To Know About Space Security

Space is a vital part of national and international infrastructures and an increasingly important to the planet's infrastructure – but it is also a potential battleground. read more


Ever-Evolving Trojan Devices Infect Android Systems

The Trojan known as Android.Xiny continues to evolve and has gained the ability to infect core Android system processes. read more


SWIFT Says Bank Cyber Attacks Are Here to Stay

SWIFT has admitted that cyber attacks are cracking the international bank messaging system & that poor local security has grown worldwide. read more


State Sponsored Hackers: Finding  The Country Behind The Attack

Security experts don't just want to know how a cyber attack happens but, more important, what country the attack is coming from. read more


Cyber Warfare TV Series

The Director of the acclaimed  'Zero-Days' documentary feature film is  to make a new TV drama series provisionally titled 'Stuxnet'. read more

Attracting Women To Cybersecurity

Fighting Stereotypes: Women make up only 10% of the global cybersecurity workforce. read more

Your Online Security After The Yahoo Hack

The Yahoo data breach has left a potential half  billion people at risk of theft of their online data. How can consumers protect themselves? read more

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