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Newsletter October #2 2016

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Cyber Security & The US Presidential Race

Cybersecurity could be a determining factor: Round two of the US 2016 Presidential debates between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. read more


Hackers Target Election Systems in 20 US States

The US government has formally accused Russia of political hacking and says Moscow is attempting to "interfere" with the 2016 Presidential election. read more


The Internet Is No Place For Elections

Political scientists and technical experts consider public elections should stay offline. Could US Citizens trust the Internet with their vote? read more


Secret Arrest Of A National Security Agency Contractor

FBI agents are investigating the theft & disclosure of highly classified NSA computer code developed to hack into the networks of foreign governments. read more


IoT 2.0: The Internet of Things-to-Things

Once just basic sensors collecting business data for operational tasks, now, the IoT is  making connections across the value chain. read more


Strategies For A Culture of Cyber-Security

Information security can be an overwhelming concept to grasp, but it's vital to protecting your sensitive business data. read more


What Does Brexit Mean For British Data Privacy?

The UK's data protection watchdog has three years to convince the government to adopt and enact the EU laws it is set to break away from. read more


TalkTalk Penalised With A Record FineTalk

Talk has been fined £400,000 for the severe security failings that led to the company being hacked in October 2015. read more


Yahoo Secretly Scanned Emails For US Intelligence

Last year Yahoo secretly built a custom software program to search all  incoming emails for specific information provided by US intelligence agents. read more


AI Is Replacing Human Made Decisions

A new survey  a survey of existing weapon systems finds that AI is increasingly used to replace humans, not just helping them. read more


Lawyers Beware: A Robot Will Take Your Job

Well-tuned search engines could save junior legal professionals a lot of time and suffering. But where does human intelligence come in? read more


How Easy Would It Be To Hack Your Business?

The most important thing any firm can do to protect itself from hacks – both visual and cyber – is to change the way it thinks. read more

UK Cyber Highway Will Improve Security

The proposed UK Cyber Highway will give organizations the power to take control online of the Cyber Essentials certification process. read more

Islamic State Cyber Attacks

Recent US Court convictions show that IS makes a very real  national security cyber threat that results from the combination of terrorism & hacking. read more

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