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Newsletter May #2 2019

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Cyber Criminals Are Catching Up With Nation-State Hackers

Sophisticated cyber criminals are starting to franchises their hacking tools and to develop new technology to sell to other cyber criminals. read more


Five Eyes Intelligence Chiefs Point The Finger

International Intelligence Chiefs agree that attributing blame for attacks by nation-state hackers can improve security awareness. read more


Cybercrime Cost US Business $2.7B

The FBI's report on cybercrime in 2018 shows that the most  costly issues involved business email breaches, confidence fraud & investment scams. read more


Using Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management is a key element of a modern cybersecurity strategy, So why then, aren’t more companies using it? read more


A Microphchip That Can Stop Cyber Attacks

The chip, called Morpheus, blocks potential attacks by encrypting and randomly reshuffling key bits of its own code and data 20 times per second. read more


Engaging With Cybersecurity

Cyber attacks are an existential threat to business  and companies face a challenge in getting employees on board with good security practice. read more


AI And The Future Of Warfare

The Pentagon's strategic thinkers would like AI to help human analysis, not replace it. But on the battlefield, how will humans interact with AI and robots? read more


Authenticating Digital Evidence

With a huge growth of digital media, the question of what types of evidence available to the police and that are also admissible in court is complex. read more


AI Will Shape The Future 6G Network

6G will be an enormous step up from 5G and AI will become the enabling force behind a whole new generation of machine intelligence applications. read more


How Algorithms Are Being Used

From screening job applicants to analysing demographic data, optimised algorithms are playing an increasing part in human interactions. read more


Beware Of ‘How To' Guides To The Dark Web

Hacking For Dummies: All you need to get rich quick is to find some good tutorial material from the Dark Web, right? Wrong. read more

Mossad Needs Cyber Experts

Israel's national intelligence agency, known as Mossad, is looking for more highly- trained experts for its operational arm.  read more

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